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Genius Web Sites
1111 Seventh Avenue Southwest
Aberdeen, South Dakota 57401
(605) 226-8016

Webplus Inc
416 Production Street
Aberdeen, South Dakota 57401
(605) 229-0307

Lowdown Secrets on Cpanel Web Hosting

In the world of web hosting there are several control panels available to webmasters from which they can control many aspects of their hosting account. By far the most popular hosting control panel is called Cpanel.

Cpanel allows webmasters to control a great many aspects of their hosting account quickly and with ease. Using Cpanel, users can manage email accounts, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) accounts, create databases easily and use a myriad of other features and web based software. This web control panel allows users to manage nearly any aspect imaginable in a hosting environment. Cpanel remains one of the most user-friendly Web control panels available.

One of the strengths of Cpanel is the ability to create backups at any time the user chooses. It also enables the user to re-create entire websites from backups made with other Cpanel hosting accounts. This feature can really save the day in the event of a catastrophic server data loss.

When you have web hosting which uses Cpanel it's easy to create and manage email accounts for that domain. Users can also add email forwarders which will redirect email to other email addresses automatically, all with a few clicks of the mouse. Email can also be accessed via your web browser using one of several web email clients that the user selects from. Unlimited autoresponders can be created for email accounts, as well as email filters.

Cpanel also provides detailed statistics about your visitors, FTP usage, how much bandwidth has been used and even keeps error logs for you.

When it comes to FTP, Cpanel permits users total control. Users can create and manage personal FTP accounts, create anonymous FTP accounts, end FTP activity and also modify the FTP message one sees when logging in.

The large number of Cpanel tools which are available are simply amazing when it comes to what you can accomplish with your web site. Using a feature known as Fantastico, users can add functionality to their site with incredible ease. For example, with this feature it's possible to install site features such as forums, polls, chat rooms, guest books and a host of other scripts which add interactivity to the site. Cpanel allows users to quickly create and manage custom error pages and create redirects.

Users of Cpanel hosting may also have access to SSH and cron jobs, which allows the use of highly sophisticated scripts. This access coupled with the ability to create and manage MySQL databases gives the Cpanel user unparalleled power and flexibility when developing a web site. Of course the Cpanel interface is available in a variety of languages so it can be used by virtualy anybody no matter what language they speak.

Cpanel makes it easy for anyone to create and manage a website, and gives them the tools to make it a highly interactive and powerful site. If you are not familiar with Cpanel, be certain to use a host who offers Cpanel for your next hosting account. You will be amazed at the power and flexibility that Cpanel can place into your hands.